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Relationship Surgery - I Still Do

Giving it one last try...

  • 1 h
  • 4,588 US dollars
  • TBD

Service Description

21 Day Marriage Reset Goal- To resent the relationship and remove resentment and distrust. 1. Disconnect from everything or as much as possible, this would require you taking time off from work, little or no phone, television, or electronic devices for 21 hours of your day. 2. Pray together twice a day for at least 15 mins. Sharing the time between each other. The prayer does not take the place of your personal prayer time and should be a time of covering each other and thanking God for allowing you in each other’s life. 3. During the day find ways to connect with each other through no-sexual touch. You can also do activities together, (go shopping, take a cooking class, take a boat ride, ride the train, museums etc) 4. Meet with your therapist once per week for 2 hours,. This is where you will do some deep work as to the "WHY" you ended up disconnected. Each individual will have opportunity to share (uninterrupted) his/her source of pain. 5. Serve each other- One day The husband serves the wife, she doesn’t lift a finger to do anything including giving herself a bath, and vice versa (with the husband). The goal here is to build intimacy not have sex. 6. Access, rebuild, rekindle the desire for sex beginning with touch therapy or sensate. focus therapy 7. On day 11, take a day off and do something on your own outside of the house. Additionally The couple will be given the I still do workbook, videos to watch and other resources to help them reconnect. The goal of this method of therapy is to expose the things that caused the demise of the relationship and to begin rekindling romantic love.

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