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Sex Therapy - 1 session

No Orgasms, Low Sex drive, Painful Sex, Sexual Boredom etc

  • 1 h
  • 275 US dollars
  • Marcus Avenue

Service Description

What is sex therapy? A type of psychotherapy it addresses concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings, sexuality, and intimacy. Sex Therapy focuses on the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and relational factors that impact sexuality and sexual function What Is Addressed? Just about anything related to sex can be addressed. For example, you may want to talk about sexual functions, feelings, or intimacy. All of these are completely appropriate to this type of therapy and could be discussed individually or in a couple’s session. Some clients may have compulsive behaviors related to sex or may just act impulsively. Some may have erectile dysfunction concerns or trouble with arousal or pain during intercourse. There may also be intimacy issues related to physical or psychological issues. Some may have very low libido. Any of these kinds of situations can be addressed, and they can all be done in a highly organized and confidential way. Technique -Sensate Focus To provide a structured approach which allows the couple to rebuild physical intimacy and gradually rebuild their sexual relationship. It allows the therapist to identify the specific maintaining factors of sexual problems and provide specific techniques to deal with particular sexual problems Why Sex Therapy? Knowing why you’re not so interested in sex won’t boost your desire one bit; doing something about it will. Therapy Works!! Far too many couples live with an unspoken, unworkable contract that goes something like “I expect you to be monogamous, but don’t expect me to meet your sexual needs.” You can’t live under this contract without driving a stake into the heart of your marriage. Therapy Work

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