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Unlimited 15 mins Sessions for 1 Year*

Unlimited Counseling Sessions for an entire year.

  • 15 minutes
  • 997.97 US dollars
  • Phone

Service Description

Wouldn’t it be great to have UNLIMITED ACCESS* to a therapist, psychologist and Life Coach for an entire year? Wouldn’t it be great to pick up the phone or text your therapist, Life Coach and Psychologist for 15 minutes sessions and know that those sessions are already paid for? Wouldn’t it be great to just check her calendar and book yourself on the next day and time that is available, no hassles, quick and simple? Q& A • What if I need more than 15min – Book a full session at a discounted cost • When does this subscription begin? – Jan 1, 2021 • Can I have back-to-back sessions? – You can only book your new session when you have completed the assigned exercise or homework given, remember we’re doing this together, you have your part to play as well. • Can I give my session to a friend? – No, the sessions are not transferable • How long is the subscription good for? - The subscription is good for 12 months • Can I use this for coaching as well? - Yes, you can. I know I know you’re wondering what’s the cost. Well, my individual sessions that last for an hour is now $185 per session. If you do the math that would be $46.25 for a 15 min session…not but that’s not the cost. The cost of our Listening ear, which is a 15min session is $25. If you do 1 session per week for a month the cost would be $100 per month and that is NOT unlimited. What we are offering is UNLIMITED ACCESS for counseling and or coaching for less than $84 per month which is $997 for the entire year. Here’s how this works.You go to the calendar on Monday and set up your session, after your session you will be given some action steps that you must take to work on the problem that incited the call. Once you’ve done that you can check the calendar and set up another follow up call on Wednesday of the same week, once those action plans are completed you can call again on Friday. Now that is 3 times for the week. If you were doing the listening ear in that first week you would’ve paid $75. Think about it, just add $9 more dollars and you can 15 sessions in one month. It is totally covered in the plan. Isn’t that super cool? This plan becomes available on January 1st, 2021. The total cost for the 1-year unlimited sessions is $997.97 and must be paid in full to begin. *All assignment must be completed before you can book another session **All payments are final and would not be refunded

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